Steve Tracy, born Steve Crumrine, is an American actor of Jewish origin born October 3, 1952 in Canton (Ohio) and died November 27, 1986 in Tampa (Florida). It measured 1.60 m and is known for his role of Percival Dalton / Cohen in Little House on the Prairie, where he became the husband of Nellie Oleson (Alison Arngrim).
With AIDS, he died at the age of 34.

Steve Tracy studied at the University of Kent, the Department of Theatre "CCAA's Theatre Department" and the studio of Harvey Lembeck's comedy.

It begins in a gay pornographic movie of the 70 known in 3D Heavy Equipment Tom Desimone. He plays the role of Chester, a failure who works in a bookstore and, after receiving a book of magic offered by a bum, turns into a sexy alter-ego that gets in bed any man.
Then he continues with the role of a young man's first name Rhett in the film Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, erotic comedy, with Mexican actress Kitten Natividad.
Michael Landon remarks and then hired him for the role of Percival Dalton in the series Little House on the Prairie. Alison Arngrim has gathered about him many positive reviews, that will not stop even after the end of the series. She cites many anecdotes in his autobiography, including Michael Landon came to her and said "You're getting married, it is small, it has character", and exclaimed triumphantly, "he is a Jew". Steve showed great daring, he scored a point in having in his left breast pocket a bottle of Binaca mouth spray before he could use every kiss. His last television appearance was in 1987 in "the valley of the other world" aired just after his death.
But Steve Tracy also had two interesting roles in movies: Desperate Moves, a low budget film which he was the hero in 1980 (a love story against the backdrop of skateboarding) he plays the role of Andy Steigler, and American Class (1982) for which he had shaved his head because he played a follower of Krishna.


At the age of 32 years, Steve learns he has AIDS, and decides to make public his illness in an American show of the time AM Los Angeles and within the American newspaper The National Equirer, tabloid magazine scandals at a time when very few celebrities still dare. It was also a time when people knew very little about the disease. Alison Arngrim has since invested heavily against this disease.
Alison Arngrim, in an interview in the magazine TETU, said: "I saw the suffering of Steve Tracy, the actor who played my husband in the last seasons of the series. He was gay, but few people apart I knew the team. He said publicly that he was "bisexual" was still very low in the 70s. He learned that he was infected in the early 80's, then we knew yet little about the disease. He was extremely courageous. He agreed to test new drugs, saying that even if it did not work on him, it would be useful for others. Beside him, j I saw how ignorance could hurt, I saw her suffering. After his death, I tried my level of being active and attract the attention of public opinion on this situation. " Many friends turned away from him, except that Alison Arngrim, however, remained with him.
In the biography of Alison Arngrim she said: "The funeral services contacted by his mother denied him a cremation because they did not want to handle the body, she called another company and received the same answer. Then another, and another and yet another, still wiping the same refusal, Steve's mother ends up finding a funeral service who agreed. It was the only company in the city belonging to African Americans.
The actors in the little house 'stand at his side his faithful confidant Alison Arngrim, who accompanies him to the hospital regularly, but Melissa Gilbert, who organized an evening in his apartment in honor of Steve, and it invites the Most of the ancient heroes of the series.

In a November night, Steve called Alison Arngrim, saying that he had little time.November 27, 1986, Steve left us, he wished to die in his home. He told Alison "Do not worry, it's not the end it's just a change of relationship."
After that Alison Arngrim has been involved in the campaign against AIDS.Steve's last wish was granted as his ashes were scattered under the Hollywood sign in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, under the letter "D".
For millions of viewers will remain Percival, the little man who managed to tame the plague Nellie.